International Conference on
Rewriting, Deduction, and Programming
June 29 to July 3, 2015
Warsaw, Poland

TLCA 2015 13th International Conference on
Typed Lambda Calculi and Applications

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July 1-July 3, 2015, Warsaw, Poland

Accepted Papers

Here is the list of accepted papers.

Call for Papers (PDF)

The 13th International Conference on Typed Lambda Calculi and Applications (TLCA 2015) is a forum for original research in the theory and applications of typed lambda calculus, broadly construed. Suggested, but not exclusive, list of topics for submission are:

Proof-theory: natural deduction, sequent calculi, cut elimination and normalization, propositions as types, linear logic and proof nets, type-theoretic aspects of computational complexity.

Semantics: denotational semantics, game semantics, realisability, domain theory, categorical models, higher order semantics of natural language.

Types: subtypes, dependent types, polymorphism, inductive, coinductive and recursive types, intersection types and related approaches, type inference and type checking, types in program analysis and verification, types in proof assistants, homotopy type theory.

Programming: foundational aspects of functional programming, object-oriented programming and other programming paradigms, calculi for higher order concurrency (e.g. pi-calculus), flow analysis of higher-type computation, program equivalence, program transformation and optimization.

Other: typed lambda calculi in education, proof systems based on lambda calculus to teach mathematics, lambda calculi as a unified notation in scientific education.

The TLCA serves as a forum for presenting original research in the theory and applications of typed lambda calculus, broadly construed.

Important Dates

Abstract submission:   January 30, 2015 (Friday)
Paper submission: February 6, 2015 (Friday)
Notification: April 2, 2015 (Thursday)
Camera-Ready: April 17, 2015 (Friday)

Submission Guidelines

We solicit submissions of research papers, which must:

  • be in English and not exceed 15 pages (including figures and bibliography). Additional material intended for the reviewers but not for publication in the final version - for example details of proofs - may be placed in a clearly marked appendix that is not included in the page limit. Reviewers will be told that they may choose to ignore the appendix.
  • present original research which is unpublished and not submitted elsewhere (conferences, journals, books, etc.)
  • use LIPIcs latex style
  • be submitted electronically in PDF via the EasyChair TLCA 2015 Submission Webpage

Submissions deviating from these instructions may be rejected without review. A condition of submission is that, if accepted, one of the authors must attend the conference to give the presentation. The proceedings will be published as an electronic volume in the Leibniz International Proceedings in Informatics (LIPIcs) of Schloss Dagstuhl. Note that LIPIcs is open access and hence publications automatically satisfy the requirements many research councils impose on publications.

Any questions regarding the submission guidelines should be directed to the Programme Committee Chair prior to submitting.

Colocated Events

TLCA 2015 is organized as part of the Federated Conference on Rewriting, Deduction, and Programming (RDP 2015), together with the International Conference on Rewriting Techniques and Applications (RTA 2015) and several related events. Details on workshops affiliated with RDP 2015 will be available at the web site in due course.

Programme Committee

Programme Chair

Thorsten Altenkirch
University of Nottingham
tlca2015 at

Invited Speakers

TLCA Steering Committee

  • Sandra Alves, U Porto
  • Steve Awodey, CMU
  • Pierre-Louis Curien, CNRS/U Paris Diderot
  • Ugo Dal Lago, U Bologna
  • Gilles Dowek, INRIA
  • Masahito Hasegawa, U Kyoto
  • Hugo Herbelin, U Paris Diderot
  • Martin Hofmann, LMU Munchen
  • Luke Ong, U Oxford
  • Michele Pagani, U Paris Diderot
  • Jens Palsberg, UCLA
  • Jakob Rehof, U Dortmund
  • Pawel Urzyczyn, U Warsaw, chair
  • Philip Wadler, U Edinburgh

TLCA Honorary Advisor

  • Samson Abramsky, U Oxford
  • Henk Barendregt, U Nijmegen
  • Mariangiola Dezani, U Torino
  • Roger Hindley, Swansea U
  • Simona Ronchi Della Rocca, U Torino

TLCA Publicity Chair

Luca Paolini, U Torino

Important information

Plenary speakers

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