International Conference on
Rewriting, Deduction, and Programming
June 29 to July 3, 2015
Warsaw, Poland

RTA 2015 Accepted Papers

Florence Clerc and Samuel Mimram. Presenting Categories Modulo a Rewriting System
Julian Nagele and Harald Zankl. Certified Rule Labeling
Thomas Genet and Yann Salmon. Reachability Analysis of Innermost Rewriting
Joerg Endrullis and Hans Zantema. Proving non-termination by finite automata
Łukasz Czajka. Confluence of nearly orthogonal infinitary term rewriting systems
David Sabel and Hans Zantema. Transforming Cycle Rewriting into String Rewriting
Franz Baader, Stefan Borgwardt and Barbara Morawska. Dismatching and Local Disunification in EL
Nao Hirokawa, Aart Middeldorp and Georg Moser. Leftmost Outermost Revisited
Ilias Kotsireas, Temur Kutsia and Dimitris E. Simos. Constructing Orthogonal Designs in Powers of Two: Groebner Bases Meet Equational Unification
Cynthia Kop, Aart Middeldorp and Thomas Sternagel. Conditional Complexity
Martin Avanzini, Christian Sternagel and René Thiemann. Certification of Complexity Proofs using CeTA
Joerg Endrullis, Helle Hvid Hansen, Dimitri Hendriks, Andrew Polonsky and Alexandra Silva. A Coinductive Framework for Infinitary Rewriting and Equational Reasoning
Julian Nagele, Bertram Felgenhauer and Aart Middeldorp. Improving Automatic Confluence Analysis of Rewrite Systems by Redundant Rules
Horatiu Cirstea, Serguei Lenglet and Pierre-Etienne Moreau. A faithful encoding of programmable strategies into term rewriting systems
Takaki Suzuki, Kentaro Kikuchi, Takahito Aoto and Yoshihito Toyama. Confluence of Orthogonal Nominal Rewriting Systems Revisited
Johannes Waldmann. Matrix Interpretations on Polyhedral Domains
Anupam Das and Lutz Strassburger. No complete linear term rewriting system for propositional logic
Lars Hellström. Network Rewriting II: Bi- and Hopf Algebras

RTA 2015 Accepted System Description Papers

Florian Frohn, Jürgen Giesl, Jera Hensel, Cornelius Aschermann and Thomas Stroeder. Inferring Lower Bounds for Runtime Complexity
Markus Lepper and Baltasar Trancón Y Widemann. A Simple and Efficient Step Towards Type-Correct XSLT Transformations
Vlad Vergu, Pierre Neron and Eelco Visser. DynSem: A DSL for Dynamic Semantics Specification based on Implicitly Modular Reduction Rules

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